A practical handbook to scenario planning

Is your organization ready for the future?

Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future - Woody Wade

My book Scenario Planning: A Field Guide to the Future is available in bookstores worldwide, and can also be ordered on most online bookseller sites as well.

Scenario Planning shows you, step-by-step, how to look at the world (and particularly the specific business landscape you do business in) a decade from now, how to identify the trends that could affect you, and how to home in on the most critical uncertainties that are most likely to have a make-or-break impact on your future success.

It then shows you how to create plausible scenarios based on these uncertainties, and describe the story lines that explain how the world could get from where we are now to where those scenarios indicate we might be a few years in the future.


"Woody, I am only at page 68, starting the case studies. But I couldn’t wait to compliment you on your presentation, style, content and most of all, importance of your message. I read lots of business books. Yours dives into an important subject with enough stories and illustrations to keep anyone interested. Great work!"

Dave Berkus

Dave Berkus is one of North America’s most prolific angel investors, a board governance expert, and author of over ten books for business managers and entrepreneurs. His popular BERKONOMICS weekly blog is read by over 40,000 people each week at www.berkonomics.com


The last part of the book poses some thoughtful questions about the possible consequences of a few current trends, and how they might possibly affect you in the future.

A practical and very visual guidebook, Scenario Planning aims to help you:

  • Identify (and prepare for) the trends that could play out over the next few years that could change the political, social, technological, managerial and economic landscapes – and thus significantly affect your business.
  • Explore the impact on your organization’s competitiveness of such events as the advent of a new technology, the arrival of a new competitor, or simply an unexpected event beyond your control that changes your marketplace – or the whole world.
  • Examine challenges that may only be dimly recognizable as potential problems today.
  • Generate and flesh out plausible scenarios that represent the alternative future landscapes you may find yourself doing business in a decade down the road.

The book is available from several online bookshops (a few are shown at right). I wish you a stimulating read.

11 Changes - Workshop

BREAKING NEWS! The Japanese-language edition of Scenario Planning, published by Eiji Press in December 2013, became the country's no. 1 best-selling book in the category "Society" within days of its launch. The Japanese reading public understands that when thinking about the future, a scenario approach is applicable not just to corporations but to their own lives, and even the country as a whole. (Pictured above, participants at a workshop in Tokyo used the book as a "how-to" guidebook for developing future scenarios for their private lives.)

Scenario Planning - japanese edition

MORE BREAKING NEWS! The Brazilian company Editora Saraiva has just published a Portuguese language edition of the book, entitled Planejando Cenários.

Scenario Planning - Brazil Edition

EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS! The Japanese edition was just voted 14th Best Business Book of 2014 by the readers of Harvard Business Review in Japan.  Thanks for your vote of confidence!


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